weekly healings for your head, heart and spirit

Living in a world where so much is demanded of us, there can be a tendency to forget.
To forget who we are,to forget to be happy, to forget to access the peace and knowing that lies within.

Life in the Western world is fast, externally orientated, and affords us no time to come within,
to be with ourselves, to contemplate, to daydream.

We have washing machines, dishwashers and the internet, all designed to save us time,
and yet time and space is a commodity that most of us lack.

We push through life, overriding ourselves and measuring ourselves by our productivity and achievements
rather than our happiness or peace of mind and so often we go fall into bed exhausted,
whilst feeling like there is still so much more to do.

We worry about money, how our children are doing at school, about whether we are achieving our full potential.
We get pulled around by our thoughts, and worry about the future without actually ever living in the present.

We forget, or never learned, to tune into our deeper knowing to help us navigate our choices and decisions and therefore lack clarity when wanting to move forwards which can leave us feeling anxious and unsure.
We learned what to think and feel rather than how to think and feel.

It’s really not surprising then that we lack a strong connection to ourselves, to our spirits.
Life is just not orientated that way. Nothing external is ever going to satisfy us for long.
No matter whether we find a new partner, get a better job, a bigger house or the best therapist ever,
unless we are comfortably anchored within ourselves we will forever be buffeted around by external events,
like a little boat trying to navigate an ocean storm, all by ourselves.

Life doesn’t have to feel that way. Were you really born to feel overwhelmed and confused?
Are you here to meet unrealistic expectations and demands?
Or have you just got a bit lost and need some guidance and support to come home to who you truly are?

You don’t need another set of rules, another list of things you must do to improve yourself.
You need to be able to listen to yourself, to feel yourself, and to deeply know yourself from the inside.

You need a connection to your spirit.

Your spirit would never tell you were wrong, or not good enough. That doesn’t even exist in your spirit’s world.
How on earth could you be wrong? And what is this not good enough business?
What criteria are you measuring yourself by?

As a human, you are the sacred marriage of form and non-form. Of earth and breath. Body and spirit.
The term Human Being is not just a label, it’s not a misnomer, it is exactly what we are.

Life without a connection to spirit, leaves us confused. Our little minds step in to fill the gap where our spirit
expects to reside, and fearfully plays havoc with us. Our minds can’t do our spirit’s job.
It wants to keep us safe but only has past experiences as a reference point.
It’s a bit like leaving the secretary in charge.
The mind is a wonderful tool, but it cannot be our master.

Life without a connection to our form, our humanness, isn’t necessarily any better.
This has been the movement of spirituality for the last couple of thousand years.
The body and the human is seen as an aberration, something to be transcended, not enjoyed.
This is where you become detached, lost in transcendence; not feeling like anything really matters.

Think of the sage in a cave who hasn’t eaten for years, or the religious ascetic denying all the joys
this life has to offer in favour of something better in the next one.

You are the union of body and spirit. When both are alive and aligned,
life becomes a joyous adventure to be deeply and truly lived.

What might it feel like to be deeply anchored in your spirit, to have it with you all the time, leading the way?
If we are anchored in our mind, it is our mind that must guide us. When we switch our allegiance to our spirit,
it does the job. We begin to find that things simply fall into place, with little effort, we find ourselves
in just the right place at just the right time and no longer have to push through barriers and hurdles.

Your spirit is not something fragile that your human self must hide and protect. You don’t need to keep it safe inside you.
Your spirit is strong, indestructible even, it is the human form that gets hurt and broken.
Your spirit can embrace and take care of you, if only you would let it.

What if life didn’t feel like something to get through? What if you woke up feeling lucky and delighted that you get to be you
for another day? What if you had the tools and resources you needed to joyfully navigate life and grow with it?

Anchored in Grace is a brand-new weekly healing subscription to guide you home to yourself,
to connect body and spirit and to encourage you to notice your senses beyond the five obvious ones.
It bridges the gap between the very spiritual but somewhat abstract teachings that don’t necessarily feel relevant
to your actual life, (you are nothing, and you are everything) and the often trite and superficial notions that are really
about making the ego feel better (you should be manifesting 24/7 and never have a negative thought or feeling).

You need something applicable to your life, not another system to follow.

We meet once a week for a live call, where you will be guided through a live healing, receive tools for engaging with life, and most all, have a held, high vibrational space to deeply connect with yourself, with your spirit.

It’s a time for you to pause, relax, and come in.

Each time we ran our intense signature course, Six Weeks of Spirit, participants cleared issues at record rates,
saw through patterns they’d had for years, and deeply connected with themselves in a way they hadn’t before.
But as the six weeks came to a close, the question was always the same:

“How do I keep this up by myself?”

It can be really hard to make and hold this sacred space for yourself. Something will always comes up
that requires your attention. It’s easy to focus on the loudest thing in the room, and honey, your spirit speaks
unless it’s really trying to get your attention. And then the whispers become shouts.

Sometimes we need someone else to hold the space, set the time, and show up first.

Which is exactly why Anchored in Grace was born.

Anchored in Grace is your time to come in, to heal, to be held. We create the space, and you join us in it.

This course (Six Weeks of Spirit) has healed me in ways that I never could have imagined. I feel everyone who really wants to know who they are should do this course.

~ Clare, UK

We meet once a week for an hour on a live call and will guide you through a deep healing,

always designed to bring you back to yourself. It will be a time, in your busy life that is dedicated to your inner world,

to help you to reorientate back to the source of who you truly are.

The healings are once a week and last for an hour, and when you sign up you’ll get an email with all the dates and times for the next 2 months (they are on Wednesday or Thursday at 11am or 12pm UK time).

Anchored in Grace is a monthly subscription, giving you the freedom to join us for a month at a time,

or stay signed up for as long as you like.

It’s super easy to join, all you need is the internet or a telephone, and all the calls will be recorded and uploaded

for you to listen to later if you couldn’t join live or want to listen again later.

Every week we will send an email with the details for the call, and the call itself is your time to slow down,

get still, come inside and meet yourself.

The format is simple, you can’t get it wrong!

It is designed to give your ego a rest and to allow your Being to come to the fore.

The kind of deep re-orientation that we are talking about takes time. This is not about a quick fix.

If you want to change the parting in your hair, you have to continuously encourage it to move in that direction,

you didn’t get to where you are now overnight, and this is not about re-orientating overnight.

Learning or remembering to listen to and trust your spirit is not an instant process.

We will be here, week after week to hold your hand and guide you, giving you tools for living life with your spirit,

as well as helping to heal the wounds and issues that you may not even know are there.

Meeting weekly in the context of your normal, day-to-day life, allows you to have a regular anchor

to ground you in your spirit, and your spirit in your real, every day world.

It gives you a loving space to come in and connect, every single week. If you get knocked off track during the week,

you can rest into the relief of knowing that you have a space to reconnect, get back on track and realign yourself.

Even a moment spent engaging with your spirit is not wasted. Your spirit is fine whether you notice it or not,

but the more you engage, the better, the truer, the more authentic your life becomes.

You come to know which of the many voices within you to listen to and which ones

just need you to give them some comfort and care.

Weekly healings give you the opportunity to clear your stuff, heal your wounds, and to align your vibration with what is natural

and appropriate for you. Consistently. Our ‘stuff’ comes up to give us another opportunity to address it, and you will have a space,

an inner forum to address what needs to be addressed on a regular basis.

And all from the comfort of your own home. No travel required.

Joining an ashram is easy. Living a spirited, deeply connected life whilst navigating work, relationships, family, money and health, is not.

When you choose to live in an ashram and retreat from ‘normal’ life, that’s a big decision that you make once.
Then that’s your life, and you don’t have to decide again. The ashram, teacher or temple sets the tone. You rise at 4am to chant, clean at 7am, pray at 9am. That’s just your life.

But living with your spirit in the ‘normal’ world requires you to constantly decide moment-by-moment to connect with your spirit. There’s no temple bells telling you it’s time to chant. You have to make that space. Your attention gets pulled in so many directions, it’s no wonder that you lose yourself in the busyness and demands of the day.

So why not have some help?

It feels like a futuristic fantasy that such a thing is on offer.  I can’t thank you enough. I feel so lucky to have you in my life.

~ Julia, Brighton

Can your life wait?

We will be here offering this sacred, healing space every week. We’re not going anywhere.
In fact this is just a beginning for us. We’ll see where it leads.

So yes you could join us next week, or next month or next year, meaning that the real question is can your life wait?
Why put off getting the support and guidance you need to live a spirited, fulfilling and enjoyable life?

What will be different next month?

It can be so easy to put off doing something that’s just for you, and very often when we find something that will really help
we can be met with an initial wave of resistance and a desire to look the other way. Our conditioning is not stupid,
and it’s quite delighted for your lovely energy system to be its host. It will tell you that everything’s fine really,
it might even quieten down for a little while to make its point.

If something really will be different (you’re about to go off-grid in the Amazon and will be back next month) then great,
we’ll be here when you get back. But if nothing will be different and you’re putting off taking action and saying YES to yourself,
then may we suggest you hold yourself to a higher standard, that you don’t believe that little voice in your head telling you
you’re not worth it, it’s not the sort of thing you usually do, or that you don’t have the time, and take your first step.

We’ve made Anchored in Grace as risk free as possible, and really it’s much more about you committing to yourself than to us,
so if you’re holding out on yourself you might want to stop doing that 🙂

Your Investment

Your investment for Anchored in Grace is £40 per month (4 weeks).

When you sign up you automatically get a free 7 day trial, which gives you a chance to try us out, join a healing, and get a feel for
Anchored in Grace before you ever pay a penny. And as it’s a subscription if you decide it’s not for you, all you have to do is cancel your subscription. You’re not tied into a long-term contract, you have the freedom to engage as you choose.


Anchored in Grace is brand new, but the idea was born from our signature course, Six Weeks of Spirit which is where the testimonials came from too.

Heart-felt and heart-bursting gratitude to both of you for the priceless life-changing contribution to my life. Feeling so divinely content, privileged and honoured. You are a truly amazing pair (and I really loved being a witness to the beautiful rapport between you during the calls).

~ Miriam, Scotland

Avanti and Jade are an amazing team, kind, calm, refreshingly human, honest, loving and tender. I feel stronger in ways I never felt before, in touch with my own knowing – a very long lesson in the coming – with multiple tools to keep me or bring me back to spirit. It works well in tandem with other healing & traditional therapy, & even better when I myself took charge of my own journey through – which was the most helpful life lesson to learn in a big new way – that as much as I look outside for the answers – I know everythingI need to know.

~ Katie, NYC

From this course I received many gifts, including: an increased capacity to turn inwards and do energetic work on myself; a better capacity to hear my spirit’s voice and to listen; more space between me and my emotions (invaluable); a better understanding of what I need in my life; a new understanding of what’s possible to do remotely and heaps more. It really is hard to quantify how much this course has given me. 

Avanti and Jade are exceptional.

~ London Faerie, sacredpleasures.co.uk

This course has been a life changer for me. It has retraced the steps of my life, illuminated where I lost my connection to self and with that the opportunity to deepen my self-knowing. Instead of filling my being with misguided concepts of who I am and understandably becoming misguided in life, it has cleared the old, unhelpful story that was holding me back and gently returned me whole. I know and feel on a deep level that I have recovered my sense and essence of self. I feel strong in my knowing that I can truly live this life to my fullest potential.

~ Catherine, Bristol

All the way through I’ve found it hard to articulate what’s been going on and why it’s been so amazing. I just don’t have much experience of using the English language to describe experiences that haven’t really been included in our vocabulary. A bit like trying to describe psychedelic states to people who haven’t experienced them. The changes for me were huge and occurred at the most powerful underlying levels: the course released the old emotional burdens I had been carrying, unwound some very deep emotional trauma and subtly reoriented me back to myself.

~ Shelly, London

Absolutely incredible. Avanti and Jade go above and beyond consistenly. I came to this with some major areas I was stuck in for the last couple of years, no clue why, and no idea at all how to move them…and each have resolved or are resolving as we speak. Some of this is subtle and personal, and some is huge and obvious. The things I have learnt (and am still learning) from this course are more important and valuable than I can begin to explain, and I know I couldn’t have found my way without the SWoS.

~ Kristie, Bali


Our promise to you –
We will never tie you into a long-term payment commitment, and before you pay a penny you get to try us out for one session.

We want you to be super happy about your investment, which is why we insist on you trying out Anchored in Grace before you pay a penny. When you sign up you automatically get a 7 day trial period, so you can join us for a call and decide from there.

Your subscription will renew every 28 days, you’re not tied into anything and can cancel when you like.

We do not offer refunds but as stated above, the first healing is free and you can cancel anytime.

We created Anchored in Grace because we felt there was something missing in the world of spirituality and healing.

We really couldn’t find anything that combined energy healing with practical tools and a regular container.
Sure you can go on a retreat, we love them too, but what happens once you’re back in your life?
All too often you a leave a retreat full of ideas and insights, but it soon turns into a distant memory, lovely while it lasted, but does it last?

Many of the teachings out there are about retreating from life, withdrawing your senses, transcending the material world,
and being unmoved by life on your mountaintop. Which doesn’t really help unless you are willing
to give up your current life and move to the top of the mountain.

And on the other hand, there’s a lot of stuff out there that makes spirituality seem like it’s all about having an expensive mala,
taking bubble baths, and taking pictures of yourself meditating. Whilst charging you a bomb for this ‘advice’.

We want to bridge that gap, to offer something for those that want to be alive, present and intimate with life right here.
In your body. In your life. You need something real and tangeable, something relevant to your life.
Something in between “I am that” and “put some red lipstick on”.

You’re sick of feeling judged by spirituality. Of feeling like you’re a bad person because you got angry, because you are ill,
because you dared to feel anything other than ‘love ’n’ light’, because you smoked a cigarette, had a drink or a negative thought.

Anchored in Grace is a one-of-a-kind healing subscription that supports you to live your life.
We’re not interested in telling you what to do, or giving you a new set of rules to live up to.
Rather we are here to point you back to yourself, to your own inner knowing, and to hold a space for you to do so.

Anchored in Grace is the result of thousands of hours spent with one-on-one clients, on healing courses, running groups and looking at our own shit. Avanti has been doing this work for 20 years, Jade was brought up in it, and we want to share everything we know with you.

The combination of energy work, down-to-earth teachings, and regularity mean that:

You are able to notice, move through and clear energetic patterns that are holding you back

Your vibration naturally becomes truer and holds your own signature more clearly, and from this place life is easier,
flows more flowingly and is more aligned with who you are

You will gain the tools you’ve been looking for to live a truer life

You have a regular anchor to return to time after time

You build on each week helping the shifts in awareness become grounded and compounded

Anchored in Grace is perfect for seekers who are ready
to stop seeking and start finding

You will love Anchored in Grace if:

You are the wise one in your world that people come to for support and advice; this is somewhere for you to come

You know life is intrinsically great but don’t have the time and space to appreciate it

You know that your development lies in both addressing your stuff, and aligning yourself with your spirit

You want a regular practice to help you stay aligned

You are willing to come inside and finally embrace yourself instead of berating yourself

You understand that issues come when you are ready to release them and you’d like some help in doing so

You would like something that fits into your life, rather than taking you out of your life

You want to live a life that is true to your nature

You are looking for guidance and tools to help you create your own inner map

You realise that stuff comes up, and have the maturity to want to address it rather than suppress it

Results – What’s in it for you?

We know that spirituality can be shrouded in vagueness, with terms that sound very nice but aren’t very concrete,
so here are some practical results you can get from Anchored in Grace:

Being more grounded in yourself – this looks like getting less caught up in what’s going on around you, and when you do,
for a much shorter amount of time. Everyone around you might be freaking out, but you are tethered in your ground of being,
and don’t get so caught in the collective. You reside in the eye of the storm.

Being less buffeted about by your local weather – this looks like realising that you are not your thoughts,
or your emotions, they will pass and you will still be here.

Deeper access to your intuition – you can listen to yourself. Decision making becomes easier as you’re not trying to
work everything out with your overwhelmed mind, instead you can feel what is right for you through resonance.
You know what “yes” and “no” feel like and learn to trust them without always using logic.

Knowing how to deal with your shit – your stuff is always going to come up (it’s almost like life is designed that way…)
but this time you have tools and methods to address it and work through it.
What might have looked like a week of arguing with a loved one,
can become an afternoon of processing, that actually resolves and frees you from the issue.

It becomes less about blame and rightness and wrongness, and more about “hmm, what’s actually going here and how can I move through it?”

Deeper appreciation for you – this isn’t a forced self-love, it’s a deep embrace and appreciation for yourself,
both your little human and your vast spirit. You might notice the voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough
gets a lot quieter and a lot less believable. When you do mess up rather than berating yourself your impulse is to comfort yourself.
You start to like being you, just because.

Seeing through old patterns – very often we’re so used to our patterns we don’t even realise they’re there,
we just think that’s the way the world is. Through healing, clearing and living in a clearer vibration we can see what is our
conditioning and what is real. Suddenly beliefs and patterns that you’ve always had can be seen for what they are,
and it almost seems funny that you believed in them for so long. 

A way to stay on track – by having a weekly anchor to bring you back to yourself you can ensure that when you do go off track you can quickly find your way again. Without a way back one wrong turn becomes a journey of wrong turns.
With a way back, it becomes “oops, let me turn around”.

A life that is yours – so many of us feel like our life isn’t our own; we’re not the boss of our life but an employee
who has to try and get it right. Anchored in Grace encourages you to reclaim your life and make it your own, so that it looks and feels like you.

Living in a clearer vibration – this is due to a combination of the healings, teachings and the regularity.
The healings will clear your vibration and the consistency means that the clearer vibration can really become a part of your life
(not just a blip after a retreat), then, your life starts to be made out that.

the mother-daughter duo behind Anchored in Grace

Avanti by Jade

Avanti has been working as a healer for the last twenty years, and in that time has worked with thousands of people, helping them to come back home to themselves by making sense of their worlds. She lives and breathes spirituality, whilst being utterly human, she’s always looking at how everything works, and shares her findings with her clients.

She has also lived a rather extreme life, full of ups and downs. She’s really not the kind of healer who sits on top of her mountain and tells the villagers what they should be doing. She is down in the village with you, going through the same ups and downs as you are, but with a broader perspective, which is what makes her teachings so useful and potent. Not only do they fit into your normal life, they are born from her normal life.

From a difficult childhood where she lived in the realms between form and non form, to having M.E. and then a stroke, and getting all her money stolen by a Greek lawyer, she has had to dig deep, walk her talk, and pick herself up again. It’s like she signed up to take the hard route so that she can really find what works and pass it on. It’s not that she lives in Utopia, in a world where nothing ever goes wrong, it’s that she finds ways to go deeper and address it when it does.

This has given her a deep understanding of the human condition as well as great empathy for you wherever you are your journey and wherever you’ve come from, plus a very real need to find tools that work. When you’ve just had a stroke and kicked your abusive partner out, healing isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, so know that her teachings come with this sense of depth and urgency.

Three things come to mind when I think of my mum: her mastery, her generosity and her commitment to truth. I’ve never worked with another healer who can do what she does, which as far as I’m aware is basically everything, or who does it so generously. She is always open to feedback and the questioning of her own beliefs and issues. This combination has made her a formidable healer and a lovely person to be around.

It is a joy and a blessing to be able to work with my mum and share her with the world. For a long time my favourite thing to hear her say is “Jade, I’ve had a thought” as that means something powerful and transformative is coming!

I’m sure you’ll love her grounded, practical, and often funny advice just as much as I do, and I can’t wait for us to get started and start transforming your life.

Jade by Avanti

Jade was never really like a little child. She was more of a little wise woman, always wanting to know how everything worked and fitted together. She was super calm, self sufficient and said her first word at five months.

She continued in prodigy fashion and by the time she was just four years old the phrase ‘Oxbridge Material’ began to get bandied about. By the time she was twelve she had a black belt in karate, played for Arsenal Ladies youth football team and was top of the class in pretty much everything. It’s not so easy to decide what to do with your life when you have an aptitude for so many things?

The world of spirit and healing were always part of Jade’s life. She cured her brother of appendicitis and when I was lying in bed with severe period pains that suddenly turned into white light, I turned around to find Jade by my bedside, doing healing on me. And this was whilst still in primary school.

She has always been friends with her mind, it doesn’t berate her as so many minds do. But it wasn’t until she was about nineteen years old, and realised that she was not her issues, that they were actually what got in the way of her being who she was, that she began to take a conscious interest in the work that I do.

Using the same aptitude that she had for everything else, she turned her attention to her spirit. She began to listen to it, and move from it. She travelled, teaching English in Spain before taking a ‘proper’ corporate job back in London. But her spirit had other ideas, and she began to talk to me about us working together. On the day that she gave in her notice to join me in running Six Weeks of Spirit, she was offered a very tempting 50% raise and turned it down in order to listen to the deepest voice within her.

The energy that comes through Jade is extraordinarily pure. It has the capacity to reset things back to their origins, cleaning and restoring the parts of us that have been wounded. Her system is super clean and healers love working with her. She is the first person I turn to when I have an issue, as her ability to feel and sense is so precise. The subtlety of her awareness matches mine, but she also has the advantage of an incredibly astute left brain. She reminds me of the Goddess Artemis and often knows precisely what is going to happen next. It can be a bit freaky sometimes.

Jade is currently living in Bali as that is where her spirit wants to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need you? Can’t I do it myself?

I don’t know – can you? If your life is already a joy to live, you wake up feeling excited to be, feel a sense of causeless joy and have the resources to handle your shit, then as you were.

If not, you might need some help. And there’s no shame in that. You don’t have to do everything yourself, and very often we need another energy to come in and give us another perspective. You don’t have to go it alone, but you do have to accept help when it comes your way.

Can’t I get this info from a book?

The simple answer is no. You won’t find what we teach in a book as we didn’t get it from a book. Everything we share comes either from our own lives and discoveries, or from intensive courses we’ve taken, so no you won’t find it in a book.

Secondly, Anchored in Grace isn’t just about information. It’s about the high quality energy work and having a regular, held space to come into. If you’re just looking to gather more information, but don’t want to actually engage yourself then this might not be for you.

I’ve received distance healing but never with a live call; what’s the advantage of that?

We found that there is a huge advantage to delivering the healings with a live call as it means that you know what’s going on, are informed in real-time, and are able to be more aware of and consciously embody the work.

We’ve also received healings where you either get an audio file, or are just told the time and get an update after. We’ve enjoyed them, but as we want you to be consciously involved in what’s going on, that’s exactly what we’re offering you.

Speaking of live, I won’t be able to make the live calls. Will I still benefit from them?

Yes you will. The calls are all recorded and uploaded for you to listen to in your own time. The calls also hold the healing so you will of course still receive the energy work too.

Do I have to be really spiritual to benefit from the healings?

No you don’t. This isn’t about how spiritual you are or how many times you’ve been to India, Anchored in Grace is about coming home to yourself, knowing (and we mean really knowing) that you are fine as you are, and having access to your deepest and truest wisdom.

I’m been around the spiritual block - will this be too basic for me?

Anchored in Grace isn’t about acquiring more information or philosophies, it’s about living them, and living a joyfully alive life that feels like yours.

If you’re already a life that you are excited to greet every morning, then you probably don’t need us, but if your spirituality has become static knowledge that you have to live up to and you would like it to feel more real and alive, then Anchored in Grace is fantastic place for you.

Will there be a theme, and if so how do I know if it will suit me?

There will be themes, and they will evolve to suit the group of participants at any given time. You are welcome to let us know what’s currently alive for you and chances are, you won’t be the only one with the issue. It is very likely that we will be able to incorporate what is moving within you into the healings. There will be a natural flow to what we work on each week, but ultimately it will always be about anchoring you in grace.

I don’t have time to focus on my spiritual life right now.

We’ve designed Anchored in Grace to be as time efficient as possible, and to fit into your life, so if your spiritual life is important to you we do hope you can find an hour a week to focus on it.

I’m not very good with technology

We totally get that. As long as you can open an email you’ll be fine. You can join the calls using your telephone (dialing a local number) or your computer, and as long as you can click a link you’ll be able to join us.

I’ve been promised the world before and ended up disappointed

We hear you! Everyone thinks what they’re offering is the best thing since sliced bread, which is why we give you a free call to experience Anchored in Grace before paying anything, and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want should you decide it’s no longer for you.

How long do I have to commit for?

There’s no minimum subscription time, although we would suggest giving it at least 2 months to really get a feel for Anchored in Grace and give it time to really impact your life.

Really though the commitment isn’t to us, it’s to yourself and you living a life that is deeply and joyfully in alignment with you.

Got more questions?

If you’ve got any questions that we haven’t answered, send us an email to jade@avantiandjade.com and Jade will get back to you asap.