We suspect you’ve noticed, but we find ourselves living in unpredictable and chaotic times

We’ve only gone and incarnated into a quickly changing, volatile world where the old maps are redundant and the terrain shifts so rapidly that it’s hardly worth creating new ones.

In an age of cryptocurrencies and crazy weather systems, an age where what we learnt in school isn’t even useful for us anymore let alone our children, we are beginning to find a new way. We really don’t have much choice.

It can be overwhelming, as soon as we resolve one issue, the next one shows up. It’s intense, traumas that we used to be able to ignore demand to be felt. And the new freedom that we have to live whatever life we want can leave us feeling fatigued by choice and like we’re never doing enough.

Whilst these are challenging times for us humans, spiritually speaking this is an amazing time to be alive. We knew what we were doing when we chose this incarnation. For those of us who are called towards a more spiritually oriented life, this is prime time viewing. Everything in the energetics of our world is so fluid, so quickly changing, that we no longer have to give up our lives and go and meditate in caves in order to know ourselves spiritually.

What used to be solid is now a bit of a free-for-all. From political outcomes none of us would have predicted let alone imagined a few years ago, to technology that we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without, to cryptocurrencies itching to put banks out of business, the world as we know it is changing.


It’s no wonder life can feel unknown and overwhelming. The old rules just don’t apply anymore.

So what are we to do? How do we navigate these times of change?

We learn to listen. We learn to feel. We learn to trust ourselves.

We all have an internal navigation system, an inner compass, that can guide us. We may not have used it for a while, but it’s still there. We can dust it off and with a bit of practice remember how to use it again now.

And how do we do that?

We need a shift in orientation.

To put it simply, we’ve got it inside out; we place all our faith in that which is outside of us, in the rules and regs, in the opinions of others, in institutions,  ignoring our inner world.

To thrive in this new paradigm we need to turn this around and reclaim our trust in ourselves. By learning to listen to and discern between our many inner voices, by being able to tune in, and address our issues as they arise, we can come to recognise and trust our intuition.

You were made for this.

You were born for it.

Yes it’s intense. Yes it gets hard. But you get to live a life people in the past could only dream of. You get to create your own life, to live a life that truly grows you. To eat in a way that grows you. To love in a way that grows you. To raise children (or not) in a way that grows you. To work in a way that grows you.

You just need help bridging the gap.

Why am I still struggling?

We hear you ask.

Chances are you’ve read the books, been on the retreats, and know that we’re all One. And yet, it doesn’t exactly feel like that.

If we are on a spiritual path it helps to have guidance. In days gone by this guidance came in the form of a Guru. We would give up our lives to sit at their feet and receive their wisdom.

Now, most of us don’t want to give up our lives, and all the great teachings are online.

We have access to a lot of information, but it doesn’t always feel like it applies to our world, to our everyday lives, and even spiritual teachings  can become little more than information for our minds to consume, and even sometimes another stick with which to beat ourselves.

If it were simply about having access to information, none of us would struggle.

But life is not only about information and “spiritual facts”, it is about embodying and living these teachings, not just mentally understanding them. There is a world of difference between mentally knowing we are all One and experiencing  it.

We can go on retreats, spend time in ashrams, do yoga and go to satsangs, and they are all great. But then what? These activities are wonderful and do much to give us respite, but what do we do when we’re back at home, back at work, back in our regular lives?

Your life is where the real practice is.

Your life is where the real growth and evolution happens.

The Bhagavad Gita opens by asserting dharmakshetra kurukshetra which can be understood as the field of your dharma plays out in your everyday life.

We love that.

Your dharma plays out in your everyday life. 

Your everyday life is where it’s at. You don’t need to escape from it, you don’t need to fix it, you don’t even need to make it perfect. What you need is to engage with it, and see it for what it is. It is your place to grow, learn, and explore. Your very own playground, filled with all the obstacles, joys, and challenges a spirit could ask for.

And that is our approach. Using your everyday life as the ground which evolves and transforms you, using that which is live, relevant and important to you as the practice, as the inspiration, as the thing that aids your awakening, your dharma.

You are much, Life is much. It is an orchestra to listen to and play in, a tapestry to weave and enjoy, a garden filled with fragrance and colour. You are not here to hide within the herd of ignorance. You are here to live your life in accordance with your nature.


What if your life was your spiritual practice?

The Polynesian Wayfinders navigated the vast Pacific Ocean by reading the waves and the stars. They watched as the waves lapped on their boats, interpreting what this wave pattern could teach them about the area, and at night, when they couldn’t see the waves, they turned to the stars, finding their way around vast stretches of water by engaging with and understanding their environment.

What if life was like this? What if you had waves and stars all around you, guiding you, you just needed to learn to read them.

If we view the circumstances of our lives, including our trials and tribulations as communication from life, with a recognition that navigating our challenges helps us to grow, it creates a stability within us and we no longer find ourselves falling apart when things apparently go wrong.

We believe life is always communicating, be it as a wave on your boat or a situation in your life.

This is where much of the spiritual teachings out there fall flat. They can be overly theoretical, and don’t prepare us for the reality of life. They imply that if you were a better spiritual person you would only sail on calm waters, that your problem is that you need to manifest a bigger boat, or they’re so obsessed with the light that they don’t show you how to navigate the darkness and the night sky .

We believe that your life is your practice. That your life is giving you the signals you need and providing the material for transformation. But if you don’t know how to engage with it in a skillful way, these messages will get lost in translation.

That felt powerful today. And, I meant to tell you, that listening to the clearing process  from the end of August, has finally cleared (89% of) my major issue, that my life/time is not my own. Now I think I need to build purpose and meaning, and today’s call definitely helped with that – by beginning to remember what life was for before it became a list of chores! Julia

Brighton, UK

Introducing Anchored in Grace – Where your Life is The Workshop

Anchored in Grace is a unique weekly ongoing programme designed to help you navigate life from the inside out. Using a combination of healing, energy transmissions, guided meditations and exercises we navigate the stuff that shows up in your everyday life, especially the stuff that is difficult for you to address by yourself, so that you can view it and work with it in a way that is almost impossible to do from the surface, and difficult to do alone. It is to remind you that you are not just flesh and blood, but also the Divine made manifest.

We believe that what shows up in our outer lives is significant. The people and situations that we encounter can all be used to further our own spiritual growth if we know how to use them in this way rather than always seeing our issues as simply being something to be fixed.

We’re offering a different perspective on that which occurs in your everyday life, and an invitation to embrace, examine and transform it, and to gain mastery over your energetic toolkit in the process.

So far so good, but give me some details

Anchored in Grace provides you with a container within which to explore yourself and your life.

We create exercises to help you to gain clarity, and to learn to use the energetic tools that are your birthright. We help you to feel that which is hard to feel, and grow within the context of your life, using everything and anything as fuel for your own awakening, growth and expansion.

What this looks like on a practical level is a one-hour call every  week.

You can join us live or listen to the recording afterwards. The live call is every Thursday at 11am UK time, and we send the recording out within an hour of the live call ending.

There are no images as the focus is on coming in, not engaging with a screen, and we will invite you to get comfy, close your eyes, and deepen your breath, gathering yourself where you are and welcoming yourself to the moment.

We will then guide you through a meditation whilst we work with your system energetically.

Think of it as a weekly date with yourself.

The calls vary, but are often focussed around:

  • clearing, releasing, and letting go
  • making space and bringing new qualities of energy into your life
  • witnessing and gaining understanding/insight

We would suggest that you make your space nice, perhaps with candles or nice smells, and treat this as a gift to yourself, a time to engage with and get to know yourself on a deeper level.


When creating the meditations we have three strict requirements
It must be applicable to your life

We meet you in your life, in the messy breakup, the work stress, the body image doubts, the money concerns. We meet you where you are, and guide you from there.

Anchored in Grace is all about you and your life, not theory or ideas.

It must be something you can implement straight away

This isn’t an academic course that requires you to study or “get to a certain level”. It’s about your life, and as such what we share is practical and relevant to your life, not something you need to work up to or study for.


It must grow you

You might have gathered by now but we’re all about growth, and using your life to grow and evolve you. The calls are active, more like a workshop with tools and insights, than a massage where you relax and someone else does the work for you. We want you to leave every call feeling a bit bigger or aware than before you started it.

Does this sound like you? Then you’ll love Anchored in Grace

Anchored in Grace is for those who want to grow spiritually by using the circumstances of their lives and for those who want to be able to make sense of their outer worlds by looking within themselves.

It is for those who know that the five senses are not all that we possess and are wanting to hone their abilities to work with energy by working on themselves and their lives.

It’s for those who are wanting to develop their skills in working with energy, including both opening in order to feel the subtle energies and also closing the system to not pick up everything that happens around you.

Anchored in Grace was created with you in mind and heart, if:
✨ You want a regular, held container to explore yourself, your world, and your energy system
✨ You can comfortably dedicate an hour a week to exploring your unseen, inner landscape
✨ You want to be actively engaged in your life, healing, and evolution
✨ You need dive to beneath the surface and get intimate with the parts of yourself others might normally avoid
✨ You want to engage with your life in a way that grows you, for your spirituality to be woven into your everyday life

Anchored in Grace is not for you if:

You don’t want to engage with your own spiritual development, don’t want to look at things, and want it all done for you. This is about actively engaging with your life from a different perspective, helping you to develop spiritually through navigating your life and your world. It’s not designed to be a totally passive process where we do it all for you

You don’t want to go beyond the love and light. We’ll be looking at it all. Expect tears of joy, sadness and laughter.

You don’t want to evolve. We know, we know, everyone wants to evolve, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes we are very attached to and identified with our issues and trauma and don’t want to let them go. If your attachment to your issues is stronger than your desire to grow and move beyond them, you will find us frustrating.

You don’t feel the need to grow spiritually. Whilst we will be working on your own life which can’t help but create evolution in it, Anchored in Grace is designed to help you grow spiritually through helping you to navigate the life you are living. Using your life as the arena within which you can grow and develop, rather than something that needs to be fixed. We take more of a “what is this fear showing me?” approach rather than “how do I get rid of it?”

I am so appreciating what Anchored in Grace offers and points me towards. It contains pearls of wisdom inside a vast energetic holding space and dropping into each week’s healing helps me to meet whatever is in front of me. There is always a deeper angle to this work and so many facets which it illuminates. It is such a rich welcoming to immersion for me and to give myself this time to explore and receive for myself is gold dust! A deep compassion shines through it all. Clare

Metatronic Healing Teacher, Oxford, UK

I have known and worked with Avanti for over ten years, I find the weekly calls are an important and pleasurable way to nourish myself regularly with spiritual healing energy.  Each call seems perfectly tailored to what is going on in my life, and help me to feel more love, peace and joy. My energy system really benefits from the regular maintenance and TLC I receive on these calls, which I look forward to each week as a precious gift. You make an awesome dynamic duo! Heartfelt gratitude to you both and much love xx
Kim Nirjhara

Social Justice Lawyer and Tantric Healer, Australia

I love this weekly one hour. On the call I feel much more tuned into the energetic part of my world and feel how I can work and move energy with intention and access my hearts wisdom. The calls feels like getting easy access to the abilities I otherwise only have when I really spend time in silence. Like a weekly helping hand and reminder to reach deeper into my own potential. Bent


Try before you buy

We wanted to take the risk out of joining us, and make sure you know you like Anchored in Grace before you pay anything, so your first call is totally free and on us.

You get 7 days to try us out, meaning you can join us live, or wait for the recording, and see if it’s for you. And if not, you can cancel without ever paying a penny.

Beyond that, you are free to cancel whenever you want, so you’re never tied into a bigger committment that you can comfortably make. Join us for a month or six, a year, or more. It’s your choice.

Avanti by Jade

Avanti has spent the last 20 years as a healer, working with thousands of clients, ranging from CEOs, to actors, to stay-at-home-mums, mentoring fellow practitioners and helping her clients with everything from relationships, business decisions, grieving death, preparing for a birth, and evolving spiritually.

Her gifts lie not only in her skill and power as a healer, but her sincerity, groundness, and ability to meet you where you are, and give you what you need from there. She’s not preachy at all, and is as comfortable in the temples as she is in the living room with a cup of tea. In fact, with her it’s not always easy to see where the temple ends and the living room begins, is this a sacred living room, or a comfy temple?

Working with my mum is a dream, and I feel so lucky and grateful to get to do this work with her. Every week we dive deep into what is live and present, and she turns it into a workshop, complete with a guided meditation, practical steps and tools, directly relating to the lives of the participants.

There can be a tendency towards escapism in spirituality, of hiding in the light, of going out of your body and life into states that are indeed blissful, but don’t change your life. My mum’s approach is the opposite of that. Yes, beautiful states exist. But her orientation is get to stuck into life, into the problems, into the shit that keeps us stuck, and not only transform and clear it, but use it to aid your growth.

I’m so proud to be offering Anchored in Grace to those of you who want to engage with your world in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and transformative, and am so happy to be doing it with my mum.


Jade by Avanti

Jade was never really like a child, she was always more of a little wisewoman, waiting for childhood to end so she could get to the good stuff.

She has a natural gift for this work, curing her brother of appendicitis, and transforming my period pains into white light, all before her tenth birthday. Energy work and spirituality were always present in our house, but it wasn’t until Jade was in her early twenties that she realised it wasn’t just something we did at home, that a whole world of it existed outside the home too.

It has been a joy and a pleasure to run Anchored in Grace with Jade, both from the perspective of a work partner and as her mother. Her sensing is incredibly precise, feeling the most subtle shifts in energy and tracking what is going on for our participants. She is an incredibly open channel, and bring through a variety of energies from pure, restorative forces to more dynamic qualities.

She can bring great clarity to a situation whilst feeling it from it’s depths, and has a great combination of right brain and left brain, meaning she can feel the subtleties and express them in a down-to-earth way. She’s kind of like a spiritual covert agent, converting the people who might not have thought they were interested in or had an affinity for this work, whilst I’m more the person that energetic connoisseurs come to.

I most admire Jade’s bravery and commitment to living her life and listening to the voice of her spirit. She’s currently living in Asia as that is where her spirit wants her to be, and throws herself wholeheartedly into everything she does and every risk she takes. She’s not afraid to get hurt, and instead looks for the lessons and evolution in everything, letting life open and evolve her.

If you would benefit from:

Greater clarity and insight into your world

A way to engage with your life, problems, and concerns more deeply and authentically

A held, weekly space where you can be still and come in

Guidance as to how to deal with and be with that which concerns you

A space to explore yourself as an energetic being

A spirituality that fits right into your life

A simple way to ensure that your growth stays relevant in your life

A deeper connection to and understanding of all of you

The chance to regularly check-in with yourself, and make sure you’re ok

Then join us. We’d love to have you, and can’t wait to meet with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need you? Can’t I do it myself?
I don’t know – can you? If your life is already a joy to live, you wake up feeling excited to be, feel a sense of causeless joy and have the resources to handle your shit, then as you were.

If not, you might need some help. And there’s no shame in that. You don’t have to do everything yourself, and very often we need another energy to come in and give us another perspective. You don’t have to go it alone, but you do have to accept help when it comes your way.

Can’t I get this info from a book?
The simple answer is no. You won’t find what we teach in a book as we didn’t get it from a book. Everything we share comes either from our own lives and discoveries, or from intensive courses we’ve taken, so no you won’t find it in a book.

Secondly, Anchored in Grace isn’t just about information. It’s about the high quality energy work and having a regular, held space to come into. If you’re just looking to gather more information, but don’t want to actually engage yourself then this might not be for you.

I’ve received distance healing but never with a live call; what’s the advantage of that?
We found that there is a huge advantage to delivering the healings with a live call as it means that you know what’s going on, are informed in real-time, and are able to be more aware of and consciously embody the work.

We’ve also received healings where you either get an audio file, or are just told the time and get an update after. We’ve enjoyed them, but as we want you to be consciously involved in what’s going on, that’s exactly what we’re offering you.

Speaking of live, I won’t be able to make the live calls. Will I still benefit from them?
Amazingly, the recordings bring through the energy of the healing vibrations so you can listen any time. When we first started doing this, we would notice when participants played their recordings as we would feel the energies move through us but our energy system are completely used to it now.
Do I have to be really spiritual to benefit from the healings?
No you don’t. This isn’t about how spiritual you are or how many times you’ve been to India, Anchored in Grace is about coming home to yourself, knowing (and we mean really knowing) that you are fine as you are, and having access to your deepest and truest wisdom.

I’m been around the spiritual block - will this be too basic for me?
Anchored in Grace isn’t about acquiring more information or philosophies, it’s about living them, and living a joyfully alive life that feels like yours.

If you’re already a life that you are excited to greet every morning, then you probably don’t need us, but if your spirituality has become static knowledge that you have to live up to and you would like it to feel more real and alive, then Anchored in Grace is fantastic place for you.

Will there be a theme, and if so how do I know if it will suit me?
There will be themes, and they will evolve to suit the group of participants at any given time. You are welcome to let us know what’s currently alive for you and chances are, you won’t be the only one with the issue. It is very likely that we will be able to incorporate what is moving within you into the healings. There will be a natural flow to what we work on each week, but ultimately it will always be about anchoring you in grace.

I don’t have time to focus on my spiritual life right now.
We’ve designed Anchored in Grace to be as time efficient as possible, and to fit into your life, so if your spiritual life is important to you we do hope you can find an hour a week to focus on it.

I’m not very good with technology
We totally get that. As long as you can open an email you’ll be fine. You can join the calls using your telephone (dialing a local number) or your computer, and as long as you can click a link you’ll be able to join us.

I’ve been promised the world before and ended up disappointed
We hear you! Everyone thinks what they’re offering is the best thing since sliced bread, which is why we give you a free call to experience Anchored in Grace before paying anything, and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want should you decide it’s no longer for you.

How long do I have to commit for?
There’s no minimum subscription time, although we would suggest giving it at least 2 months to really get a feel for Anchored in Grace and give it time to really impact your life.

Really though the commitment isn’t to us, it’s to yourself and you living a life that is deeply and joyfully in alignment with you.

I am so loving Anchored in Grace, it feels like a lifeline for me as I have so little time for me to be and to heal so thank you! I’ve been considering an anchor tattoo for a while and now I think I might have ‘in grace’ underneath it- just to remind me! Rachel

Devon, UK

Got questions? Send us a message and we'll get back to you with what you need.

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